The projects we can do range from the mundane to the scientifically novel, all depending on what your needs and challenges are.

Basic Data Tasks & Automation

For example, if you have medical staff manually scanning online questionnaires for inconsistencies, such a task could probably be automated to save time and resources. Many similar tasks might be helped by automation, so please contact us if you feel this could help you.

Research Projects

We can also do more elaborate projects, but that depends on the type of data you have. For example, we could try to answer the question of how the symptomatology of the disease typically progresses. Are there subtypes or dimensional differences and how are these related to outcomes? Are there distinguishable phases in disease progression? Is the transition from mild to severe symptomatology sudden and if so can it be anticipated?

Answers to questions like these could potentially help you identify people at risk, which may benefit early detection and prevention; or to better understand (differences in) the development of symptoms, which could aid prediction of symptom trajectories. Here, we would need time series or panel data of symptomatology including outcome measures.

We are also able to help in the early stages of (research) projects. Do you have a project planned that could benefit from having data and statistics savvy eyes take a critical look? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

Links / Other

The world is uniting in the fight against the coronavirus. Here, we list some resources and platforms which you might find useful.

  • One of our teams, coordinated by Caspar van Lissa, created a curated list of country-level data relevant for predicting COVID-19 cases. Available here.
  • The Coronavirus Tech Handbook offers a well-curated list of resources with regards to the coronavirus.
  • Code for NL calls for developers and designers to join them. Check out their initiative here.
  • is a platform where those who seek help and those who wish to offer it can come together; this requires less technical expertise than the other initiatives, and range from babysitting to helping with groceries.
  • Crowdfight COVID-19 is an initiative from the scientific community to put all available resources at the service of the fight against COVID-19.
  • Estimations of reproduction numbers of the 20 most affected countries can be found here.
  • COVIDAnalytics develops and delivers tools for hospitals and policymakers in the US to combat the spread of COVID-19.
  • Studenten tegen Corona is a student initiative where students help organisations with Corona related projects.
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